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Trials & Farmer Reports

Discover what our community of farmers, growers, and gardeners have to say about their experiences with our organic agricultural products. Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of nature-inspired solutions. Read on to find inspiration and insights that can elevate your own farming journey.

Farming Field
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Farmer Has reaped a BoomDraw after treatment with Plantonics.


Cotton plants that were Treated with plantonics were revived after drought stress and completly recovered, to give a good yield and thus helping the farmer reduce the loss of crops. 

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Rice Paddy 

Farmer has Noticed Upto 20% in Yield and Higher resistance to diseases , pests and stresses.

Green Gram

Legumes That were under water stress recovered and farmer had a bountiful harvest. Proper nutrition can help plants recover quicker from environmental stresses

Legumes 1.jpg


Cabbage heads were tighter 

harder greener and we reaped a boomdraw crop after usage of Karthikeya Organo Derivates products 


Increase in Number of Leaves and much greener Leaves During Growth Stage and Increase in total number of average Flowers was observed on the Crops

Photo Gallery 

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